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Best in Show: Moorbrook Uptown Flirt at Pernickety

Dog CC:  Upperwood Psychedelic
Res. Dog CC:  Sh Ch Int Ir Sh Ch Richella Reach For The Skye
Bitch CC: Moorbrook Uptown Flirt at Pernickety
Res Bitch CC: Valsett Starlite Upsy Daisy
R.B.I.S.:  Upperwood Psychedelic
B.P.I.S.: Gamerights Mr Blue Sky at Roszarke
B.V.I.S.: Upperwood For Your Eyes Only to Glininniss

1st: Upperwood For Your Eyes Only to Glininniss
2nd: Sunhouse That's My Boy
1st: Sunsprake Finn's Fantasy With Scratchwood JW
2nd: Larrenie Miss You Nights
3rd: Ravensett Blue Silk
Minor Puppy
 no entries
Minor Puppy
1st: Bushbane Celtic Design
2nd: Upperwood Unforgetable at Abiwrose
1st: Gamerights Mr Blue Sky at Roszarke
2nd: Rachdale Sea Fever
3rd: Walshaw Blinded By Love For Monbrec
Res: Larrenie Glen Farclas
1st: Balvenie Gone With The Wind
2nd: Pilsdon Flashlight
3rd: Rachdale Sea Pearl
 no entries
1st: Kanietter Silver Belles
2nd: Swannery Carlochy at Bargrennan
3rd: Shelindair Puss In Boots by Pewterspeare
Res: Mariglen Mercedes
VHC: Bournehouse Sugar and Spice at Bradstar
1st: Gemsett Pole Position for Monbrec
2nd: Wandsfell Don't Try Me From Mirrilees
3rd: Meldorsett Laird of Avalon at Pewterspeare (IMP)
Res: Daraquist Billy Bong
VHC: Shanaz Will.I.Am

1st: Shanaz Topaz
Dalreavoch Dolly Mixture at Blairbelles
1st: Rachdale Sea Fever
2nd: Walshaw Blinded By Love For Monbrec
1st: Kanietter Silver Belles
2nd: Bournehouse Delta Dawn at Haransett
3rd: Swannery Carlochy at Bargrennan
Res: Shelindair Puss In Boots by Pewterspeare
1st: Beechanger Dusty Millar
2nd: Balvenie Clandestine 
3rd: Wandsfell Don't Quote Me
4th: Somerled Sundance Guy at Schivas

1st:  Wandsfell Don't Call Me Babe
2nd: Shelindair Puss In Boots by Pewterspeare

Post Graduate
1st: Mariglen Prince Charming
2nd: Abiwrose Blue Musketeer
3rd: Tattersett He's So Cool at Calmerell
Res: Balvenie Surprise Edition at Schivas
VHC: Kerrimere Highland Fling
Post Graduate
1st: Bournehouse Weaving Dreams at Haransett
2nd: Mariglen Flaming Sunset
3rd: Phlerdor Light Fantastic
Res: Shanaz Opal
Mid Limit
1st: Mariglen Prince Charming
2nd: Wistaston Starting School at Steeplow JW
3rd: Hartsett Snowstorm at Bushbane
Res: Phlerdor Theif of Time
VHC: Shambelie Last Stand at Rowanmyle JW
Mid Limit
1st: Valsett Starlite Upsy Daisy
2nd: Redhara Crystal Cracker JW
3rd: Balvenie Vee Marie
1st: Upperwood Psychedelic
2nd: Valsett Starlite Red Robin
3rd: Sodalitas High Havoc Over Ennydloc
Res: Mariglen Dandino at Windyridge
VHC: Shambellie Final Chapter
1st: Larrenie Sloeberry
2nd: Mariglen Nina Fever JW
3rd: Fencefoot Fayre Lady
1st: Sh Ch Int Ir Sh Ch Richella Reach For The Skye
2nd: Sh Ch Caleydene Traveling Man
3rd: Swannery Valentino's Legacy to Caspellwynd ShCM
Res: Balvenie Arizona Sunset
VHC: Sh Ch Sunsprake Raging Storm over Scratchwood JW
1st: Moorbrook Uptown Flirt at Pernickety
2nd: Valsett Starlite Rosie Moon
3rd: Sh.Ch. Mariglen Ice Crystal JW ShCM
Res: Caleydene Remember Me
VHC: Ir Ch Bushbane Celtic Spirit
The Jessie McIntosh Memorial Stakes – Graduate

1st: Pilsdon Flashlight
2nd: Kanietter Silver Belles
3rd: Wandsfell Don't Quote Me
Res: Balvenie Clandestine
VHC: Somerled Sundance Guy at Schivas
The Gordon McIntosh Memorial Stakes – Open
1st: Sh Ch Caleydene Traveling Man
2nd: Balvenie Arizona Sunset
3rd: Mariglen Dandino at Windybridge
Res:  Larrenie Ruby Tuesday
VHC: Swannery Valentino's Legacy to Caspellwynd Sh CM

Judging Critiques


English Setter Society of Scotland   30th Anniversary Championship Show.

I would like to Thank the English Society of Scotland for inviting me to judge the stakes classes at their 30th Show. I enjoyed my day going over this lovely breed.

Class 23 Jessie McIntosh Memorial Stakes Graduate. (14, 4a)

1st  Henry’s.  Pilsdon Flashlight (TAF) : 10 m/o.  lovely orange bitch. Dark eye, sweet melting expression, Good front, neat feet, well boned. good angulation, lovely  level top line which she kept on the move.

2nd Sharples.  Kanietter Silver Belles : 16m/o sweet blue bitch. Lovely dark eye giving that melting expression. Good over all shape, neat feet, level top line. Happy on the move with lovely tail action. It was very close between my 1st & 2nd two lovely young bitches, both excellent movers.

3rd Pitts.  Wandsfell Don’t Quote Me,  Res Schoneville & Derry.  Balvenie Clandestine, VHC.Hood.  Somerled Sundance Guy at Schivas


Class 24 Gordon McIntosh Memorial Stakes Dpen. (11 2a)

1st Dykes & McCrindle  Sh Ch Caleydene Travelling Man : A lot to like about this lovely tri boy, full of substance and quality, well bodied, lovely head, good reach of neck, Kind expression, neat feet, level top line. Moved with drive.

2nd Schoneville & Derry.  Balvenie Arizona Sunset  :  Lovely strong orange dog, beautiful head, dark eye, melting expression, neat feet, good reach of neck, well sprung ribs, level top line.  Good on the move.

3rd Coe & Forbes Mariglen Dandino at Windyridge, Res  Johnston Larrenie Ruby Tuesday, VHC  Thomson  Swannery Valentino’s Legacy to Caspellwynd Sh Cm

Elaine Lawton


English Setter Society of Scotland - 30th Anniversary Championship Show: 27th April 2014

It was an honour to be invited to judge at this very special show, having been a member of the society for many years and having spent a few years on the committee when I lived in Scotland. As with all Championship Show invitations, they are made several years in advance, so I have been looking forward to this trip for some time. I love living in Canada and have met some great people and dogs there too. It seems that no matter where you live , the majority of the people in this hobby are are friendly as the dogs that own them :-)

There are many people in the breed who will not remember my late partner, David Ingham, but it was when I met him in 1986 that I was also first introduced to English Setters. David was also a member of the ESSS and we had many great times with this club. One of the more memorable ones include quiz nights for the "proposed Italian Spinone Club of Scotland" where we were "a little competitive", to say the least. Not winning was never seen as an option! I also saw many old, or should I say, long standing friends during this trip and it has brought back some good memories. David sadly passed in 1996 and in his memory we donated the commemorative ring-clips that were given to each exhibitor. I hope you all wear them and get good use from them.

I was also pleased to have around 50 bitches making over 60 entries, at what has been a very busy time in the show calendar, with CRUFTS, ESA and the ESSW in recent weeks. I admire the dedication of those exhibitors who made their way to Scotland and thank them all for their support.

Although, as happens with bitches particularly, there is a level of absentees, I was happy with quality in all classes and when it came to the challenge for the CC, I had several in contention.

Having last judged the breed 2 1/2 years ago some of the general concerns I had then will still apply, as we have not had time to work through them. My general concern is therefore still some very low set tails coming from a croup that is far too steep, straight stifles, and I found a few bitches a little lightweight. Bitches should still have sufficient substance whilst retaining elegance and my major winners had this in spades. I thought shoulders continue to improve, feet, one of the things I can get fussy about, were generally excellent and I only had one mouth with misaligned teeth and one level bite. The rings were a good size for the classes but movement out and back was not always easy to assess. Some bitches didn't move as well in this as their make suggests they should. Profile movement going round was generally good in all bitches. Temperament, as hoped for, was excellent and the exhibitors accepted all my placings with good grace. I applaud your sportsmanship. 

When it came to judging for BIS, I would like to congratulate the owners of the Dog CC winner on making him up on the day. I thought him a great specimen of the breed and of a type I like, but felt the bitch was more finished. It was a case of splitting hairs which is why we decided to let the referee make the final decision. We were in agreement for BPIS and BVIS to go the dog winners and I would like to congratulate them on these awards.

I realise this is a long pre-amble, before my specific critiques, but I also know that I can post this on social networking sites where word count is not restricted :-) I will have an edited version sent to the dog press. Once again, thanks to all for a really enjoyable day, to the Officers and committee for the invitation to judge at a lovely, well run show and to my hard working steward who kept things moving allowing me to concentrate on judging these lovely bitches. I loved every minute of my day and thanks also to the many people who clearly noticed my enjoyment and commented on how often I was smiling. Judging is a pleasure not a chore and should always been seen as such.

V (3): 1st Withey and Mitchell's Sunsprake Finns Fantasy with Scratchwood JW. 11 1/2yo ob (yes - 11 1/2) A bitch I have judged a couple of times over my career and have always liked. Once again, did not disappoint. Has lovely breed type, still retains a great outline and moved very true. No surprise is showing her age in her face and colouring, but an elegant lady having a lovely day out and showing some of the youngsters how its done. In competition for BV had to give way to a 7y/o young whippersnapper :-)  2nd Normansell's Larrenie Miss You Nights. At almost 10 this was another who seemed to have forgotten her age.  Still retains an excellent topline, has correct tailset and carriage and the correct stifle that I think is lacking in many. Another one who moved true and a pleasure to judge. 3rd Wilson's Ravensett Blue Silk - completed a trio of grand old ladies.

MP (3, 1a) 1st McKiernan's Bushbane Celtic Design.  2nd Wilson's Upperwood Unforgetable at Abiwrose.
Two very promising youngsters who are fairly alike in make and shape. The winner was a little more together but they both have correct shape, good head and a lovely dark eye which gives that melting expression. The winner was more together on the move and more composed, but I should expect to see them both do well in the future. In the challenge for best puppy bitch, this MP winner was more steady and did well to beat the PB winner, whom I also liked very much. BPB. 

P (4, 1a) 1st Williamson and Derry's Balvenie Gone With The Wind, 9m/o tri who headed a trio of promising youngsters. Correct shape with particularly good forehand. Her head needs to break (and it will). She certainly wanted her handler to work hard for this class and eventually showed what she could do. I would suspect she must be very close to a JW, which would be well deserved. 2nd Henry's Pilsdown Flashlight (TAF) 10m/o ob of different type to my winner, but maturing along nice lines. Another one who's in a growth phase but should balance out when everything catches up. Well off for bone and moved steadily on good legs and feet.3rd McCabe's Rachdale Sea Pearl.

J (7, 1a, 1w/d) I liked all of the bitches in this class for differing reasons and I hope the lovely young bitch that was withdrawn gets over her shyness. 1st Sharples' Kanietter Silver Belles. 16m/o bb who presented a lovely outline (when she behaved :-) ). Correct substance without being overdone. A a nice stage for her age. Best mover in the class today and I would expect to see her go on to higher things. 2nd Armstrong's Swannery Carlochy at Bargrennan. 12m/o ob just into the junior class and was giving a lot away in maturity, but competed well in good company. Lovely head, correct for bone and nicely balanced. Shown well.3rd Leather's Shelindair Puss In Boots by Pewterspeare. 

Y (5, 3a) 1st Reid's Shanaz Topaz. 22m/o bbt with lovely feet and correct body shape and length. I would prefer a little more of her all through but nicely made and (eventually) moved very steadily. 2nd Bell's Dalreavoch Dolly Mixture at Blairbelles. Another nice youngster who decided that today was a play day. Her very good and patient handler managed to get her to behave enough to be assessed. Sweet head, good expression and another with great legs and feet. Preferred the better reach of neck of my winner. 

N (10, 3a) 1st Sharples' Kanietter Silver Belles. 1st in Junior.  2nd Slater and Fitzsimons' Bournehouse Delta Dawn at Harransett. 20m/o ob who is well put together. Good front assembly, topline and rear quarters. Was very close up to the winner, but not as steady on the move. Another who should finish a good one.3rd Armstrong's Swannery Carlochy at Bargrennan

G (3,1w/d) 1st Pitts' Wandsfell Dont Call Mr Babe. 19m/o dark ob who was another one for the naughty corner, but overall a very nicely made youngster with good substance for her size. Everything in the right place but will take time to mature and when she does I can see her competing for the higher honours. 2nd Leather's Shelindair Puss On Boots by Pewterspeare. 15m/o who placed in the competitive junior class. Is correctly made and has strong quarters but did not move as well as I suspect she is able to. Again, still some finishing to do. 

PG (6, 2a) I liked all the bitches in this class. 1st Slater and Fitzsimons' Bournehouse Weaving Dreams at Harransett. 4 1/2y/o bbt whom I thought presented a great outline. Have a lovely head and expression and great angles fore and aft. Correct topline and tailset. Needs to drop a couple of pounds (but then so does the judge) but when she does should be able to really show herself well and could be there or thereabouts at many other championship shows. Could see her winning her way out of this class.  2nd Sharples' Mariglen Flaming Sunset. 3y/o ob with a correct head, good expression and was shown in good condition. Preferred the rear-quarters of the winner, but a nice one nonetheless and beat other nice bitches to this place. 3rd Mortimer's Phlerdor Light Fantastic. 

ML (6, 3a) All 3 bitches in this class had much merit. 1st Watkins' Valsett Starlite Upsy Daisy. A super bbt who is clearly on the title track. When I saw her in the class I knew she would be a contender for the CC. Reminds me of some of the older style bitches we used to see. Excellent outline, well off for bone but not overdone. Particularly loved her rear quarters which helped her steady movement. A very sound bitch and I think when fully mature could be a real show-stopper. Close up for the CC, but had to settle for a strongly contested and well deserved RCC. Her time isn't far away. Good luck for her title, which she will very much deserve.  2nd  Redhara Crystal Cracker JW. One from a smaller mould but everything in the right place. Correctly constructed all through and a steady mover.3rd Balvenie Vee Marie

L (5, 2a) 1st Normansell's Larrenie Sloeberry. 6y/o bbt that I have judged and placed highly before. Haven't changed my mind. She has a great outline, one of the best toplines, tailsets and correct rear quarters. Not in her best dress but her excellent construction gave her a very nice class. 2nd McCabe's Mariglen Nina Fever. 3y/o bbt excellent feet and front, and the correct turn of stifle that I mentioned wasn't always present today. Didn't move as well as my winner going out and back, but well deserved this place.3rd Croft's Fencefoot Forever Friend

O (8) The class of the day. All 8 entries present and I was spoiled for choice. I remember smiling all the way through this class, such was the quality and its been a while where I have seen a class where quality bitches had to go card-less. I know there were several champions also in this class and can say I think they all wear their crowns well. A pleasure to judge such lovely bitches.

 1st Cook's Moorbrook Uptown Flirt at Pernickety. 5y/o ob who is chockfull of quality and was everything I was looking for in a CC winner. Nothing overdone about this bitch. Correct make and shape, substance but without coarseness, sweet head and expression and one who has the correct topline and tailset and carriage. She moved out a treat and took a really strong class. In the challenge for the CC she again owned the ring and never put a foot wrong. Her owner had her presented in tip-top condition, coat quality excellent and exactly the right weight.  I remember seeing her win the CC at CRUFTS 2013 and thought she looked nice then, but with another 13 months maturity is now the finished article. To be honest, I am a little surprised she hadn't made-up by now but I know this breed has always had a depth of quality, especially in bitches and sometimes you simply have to be patient. There have been many excellent dogs in the past that never got their title simply due to the depth of quality.  Today however was her day. CC (her 3rd) and on the referees decision BIS.  2nd Watkins' Starlite Rosy Moon. 4y/o ob who was well in contention for top honours and one that could easily carry a title. (I would be disappointed for this owner if she doesn't make up as she has everything needed). Presented in excellent condition but could drop a pound or two to her advantage, but this didn't impact on her excellent outline or good movement. Will look out for future results for this bitch. 3rd Lawson's Sh Ch Mariglen Ice Crystal JW ShCM. 

Gordon Hayburn (Judge)